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BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE | Talking Heads | Meanspeed® Maps ©2013, Use Freely | Vibration/Frequency Analysis with YouTube Embed


composer=David Byrne


arithmetic mean speed/median expected tempo=102.7 Hertz

Average quarter note=584 milliseconds

corresponding tone/vibration=438.3 Hertz

tempo map=meanspeed® music, ©2013, use freely.

speed measurement=meanspeed® music

Ian Andrew Schneider

November 10, 2013

English: David Byrne onstage with the Talking ...
English: David Byrne onstage with the Talking Heads, August 25, 1978 Jay’s Longhorn Bar, Minneapolis, MN (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

below are some public comments which are highlighted by the best friend of all, YouTube.

John Rayner

3 months ago

How awesome is this clip! Isn’t it great to see a band enjoying themselves on stage, there are no egos on display, just a band playing fantastic music and loving every minute of it! How lucky the audience were!


Survivor-The-=Search-tempo-map-Meanspeed-Music (Photo credit: meanspeed)
“They totally defy category. Freakin’ legends man. Simple, genius and pure. Very rare nowadays.”Related articles


The performance of the NFL® team that week determines the tempo and he mood of a city.” – RON JAWORSKI, espn, for Philadelphia Eagle Super Bowl QB in losing yet moving Championship Game™. (*that* ‘™’ was a joke)


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