Beatles, Love, Speed , Paul, George, Ringo & Music Timeline We All Have Etched In Our Heads | The Invisibly Visible Speed Measurement, Illustrated + ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE | The Beatles | instantaneous-meanspeed map, speed, frequency, video

This is a meanspeed map that represent the tempo of the song by the Beatles called All You Need is Love,

The measurements are medians instantaneous speed which after being measured eight times are consecutively contiguously and completely studied to not just see the tempo – and invisible thing come to life – but the tempo creativity of the Beatles.Image





The Meanspeed-Carlton Summary of Speed

arithmetic mean speed/median expected tempo=104.8 neatest per minute

average beat=572.5 milliseconds

frequency=1.747 Hertz

ELF Frequency=29.95 Hertz

frequency as pitch=447.15 Hz, where in equal temperament A=440 Hz


Liam Evans

Early Morning, Princeton NJ

may 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr Ezekiel N!




“the farms of ohio had been replaced by shopping malls, and muzak filled the air from seneca to cuyahoga falls – hey, oh, way to go, ohio!” | meanspeed music contemporary speed breakdown

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Stevie Wonder: “Superstition” speed=101.3 bpm. Speeds, tempo sheet music of #74 on the Rolling Stone list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All-Time

Stevie Wonder, SUPERSTITION - tempo graph by Jimmy Mahnning - for meanspeed music school
Stevie Wonder, SUPERSTITION – tempo graph by Jimmy Mahnning – for meanspeed music school

The #74 ranked song on the Rolling Stone list of The 500 Greatest Song of All-Time is call

ed “Superstition” was a single from the album Songs In The Key Of Life.

Stevie Wonder, "Superstition" - Tempo Map by meanspeed® music's neil winters.  © 2009.
Stevie Wonder, “Superstition” – Tempo Map by meanspeed® music’s neil winters. © 2009.

Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder is the single best musical effort where one person was the key operative in composition, performance of all instruments and production. That is only my word and opinion, by definition personal and not speaking on behalf of the Meanspeed Music Company in general. This is just the staff having some fun. We know: James and his Beatles! To which Sophia and I usually reply: it’s not a single effort, as Stevie’s. So, James, enjoy your day off, you will get a chance to speak. I’m not My fine man, even factoring the fact that Stevie is blind-Songs In The Key Of Life is a better effort than Band On The Run, as much as we love that also. James Manning, this is my message, as I did your work for you today: the “Stevie Wonder is a musical genius” joke? No joke!

James just called. Jeff Beck is the guitarist on this song–uh oh!


Wonder debuted this hard blast of funk live while opening for the Rolling Stones in the summer of 1972, intent on expanding his audience beyond Motown. The twenty-two-year-old former child star had written it at the drum set, humming the other parts to himself. Wonder had collaborated with Jeff Beck and initially intended for Beck to record the song, but when Beck hadn’t finished his album it became the first single from Talking Book — and Wonder’s first Number One hit in nearly a decade.

The speed summary -

mean emotion=natural
phase=1.69 cycles per second
average beat=592 milliseconds

corresponding pitch=432.21 Hertz, 68.5 cents above G#4/Ab4=415.305 Hertz, 31.5 cents below A4=440.000 Hertz.

/Ian Andrew Schneider/
Meanspeed Music School
July 31,2008

Hey! Would You Dig To Be Alone? And Tell Me – When Will You Be Back Home? | CSN | “I Give You Give Blind” | median expected tempo=128.8 bpm | meanspeed maps, frequencies

Tempo in the seventies was raw and live.

The song I Give You You Give Blind could be released today.  It is a fantastic piece in my humble opinion.

Having the song playing in my head for 3 days, I measured the speed and created meanspeed® maps in order to *see* the speed and energy of the band.  OBJECTIVELY.

Other songs within 2% that I formed a sweet loop with:

“Jet” Paul McCartney

“Shiny Happy People” R.E.M.

“Call Me Al” Paul Simon

“Tears Of A Clown” Smokey Robinson and the Miracles


I Give You Give Blind -
contiguous tempo line


artist=Crosby Stills & Nash



bit rate=256 kbps

sample rate=44.100 kHz

average beat=0.4658″

median expected tempo=128.8 beats per minute

meanspeed map measurements=Ian Andrew Schneider


Stephen rehearsing

I Give You Give Blind
tempo map – Crosby Stills Nash



Ian Andrew Schneider

Meanspeed® Company

tempo is to music what the weather report is to the new. Timing defines emotional expression? Yes, it does. Timing controls emotion? No, you do. Confused? Join us.